Sunday, February 7, 2010

Exhibition WCAC

To the left is a gallery view of my installation as part of the BAVA Sherkin degree show. The photograph shows gallery 2 with one half of my installation visible, a projection onto paper, with a drawing on paper facing it, not visible here, on the opposite wall. The title of the piece is Cast of one. The title references both performance and sculpture, and the piece explores the isolation of emptiness, space and silence, when all we have left to look at is ourself.
The painting, also visible in the photograph is by my fellow graduate Veronika O'Driscoll. the two pieces complement each other well as her work also explores space, albeit in a very different context and medium.


  1. Hi Ali, Great Blog, clean layout and of course fab content! I really like your stuff. Going to post a link to here off my blog if thats ok with you. xx Eve